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Clinical Approach and Laboratory Diagnosis of Hemophilia

The module gives details and various aspects of hemophilia, its clinical approach and laboratory diagnosis along with highlighting the clinical dilemmas in a new-born with hemophilia & its clinical ma...

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Management of Hemophilia: Role of Prophylaxis & its Impact on HRQoL

The module highlights the role of prophylaxis in the management of hemophilia & its impact on health related quality of life (HRQoL). It will also discuss the role of adjuvant therapies in hemophilia.

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Treatment of Acute Bleeding and Perioperative Management and Management of Specific Hemorrhages

The module highlights the details on the bleeding episodes in hemophilia, the sites and severity along with the initial considerations.

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Management Issues: Inhibitors

The module discusses hemophilia A and FVIII inhibitors, genetic and environmental risk factors, impact of inhibitors on hemophilia (A and B) management and the principles of inhibitor management.

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Miscellaneous: New Developments in Treatment for Hemophilia; Hemophilia in Women; VWD; TTP

The module discusses new developments in treatment for hemophilia focusing on novel therapies under research and managing woman‐specific bleeding issues with the help of multidisciplinary approach.

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